Believing What Others Tell Us

04 Oct

Daily, we place faith in what others tell us, we believe their accounts about people and events that occur, this approach is both reasonable and rational. We trust what scientific journals tell us even though we have not experienced it ourselves. Ultimately we all place our faith and trust in someone’s account of the past. I urge everyone who is open minded and scientific to use the power of reason to consider the phenomenon of the accounts found in the historical writings of the new testament, specifically Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Consider reading with the same degree of academic inquiry of other credible historians, as these writings are amongst the most valid source documents in existence. I believe you will find their accounts of the man they knew as Jesus, both remarkable and thought provoking. I would also challenge you to contemplate the content of the actual words spoken by Jesus in these texts and consider the implications if they were to be applied in your life. We place our faith in what others tell us every day because it is reasonable and rational. What would happen if we placed our faith in the the words of Jesus and the words of the men who shared their accounts of his life?

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