How Many Atoms Does it Take to Create a Light Bulb?

22 Feb

As a Christian who has developed a deep love for science and in particular quantum physics, I have been waging this internal war for about 25 years now and it pertains to the scientific method (along the thoughts of Aristotle) and how reality is somehow exclusively tied to the physical realm. This is where evolutionists and atheists alike have attempted to securely plant themselves. This paradigm of thought has been very unsuccessfully challenged and the result is that we live in a world where Darwinian thought has been allowed to rule the scientific community for nearly 150 years.

It is just recently that I am waking up to understanding the important point they are missing. It seems obvious that the scientific world has failed to properly connect the reality of "consciousness" into their equation. It is widely accepted in this paradigm that everything (including conscious thought) is somehow reduced down to matter. They have missed altogether that causation is not simply about deconstructing physical reality into atoms and then explaining how everything is constructed from them, as in building a skyscraper one floor at a time, hence upward causation. The error is that this idea dismisses the existence of consciousness entirely. The failure is in refusing to acknowledge the vital role that consciousness plays in the conception of the purpose of the skyscraper to begin with. Failing to consider the possibility of downward causation is the great flaw in atheistic logic. The ability to look at both sides of causation also directly addresses one of the major problems that exist for many quantum physicists today, the problem of dualism. It’s no wonder they miss it, everyone they know is prejudiced to upward causation based on the prevailing thought of the past 150 years..

Every free thinker should allow themselves a moment to consider the possibility that it is our consciousness that forms the foundation for ultimate reality, even being able to understand our own existence is dependent upon our own consciousness. By exclusively allowing the physical world to define reality, atheists willfully choose to ignore both the consciousness in the world that we all share, and the private thoughts that exists in their own conscious.

As people (especially theoretical quantum physicists) we must allow ourselves to consider the possibility that physical matter is more a “representation” derived from consciousness. For example, the light bulb is more than strategically arranged atoms. Properly viewed it is, first and foremost, an idea with an ultimate purpose; originating in Thomas Edison’s consciousness, and after some experimentation, manifesting into the physical reality of the light bulb, and thus satisfying its intended purpose. If we are able to apply downward causation in this way, then we see that the cosmos, our universe, even our world is a result of an idea spawned by a consciousness.

This way of thinking stretches the mind and challenges the scientific paradigm of today, but also represents progressive thought in an otherwise close-minded scientific community. What if we are looking at things wrong? Copernicus suggested the earth was not the center of the universe, he was ridiculed by many, including the church, but he was also right. We need to be open minded and honest in science to correct our ways of thinking when we are wrong, even if it leads to the possibility that there is, in reality, a divine creator that may have made everything for his divine purpose.

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