The Critical Role of Philosophy in Advancing Science.

11 Mar

Question: What do the following natural philosophers have in common:

  • Copernicus – Father of modern astronomy
  • Galileo – Father of modern physics & science
  • Kepler – Laws of planetary motion
  • Pascal – Inventor of the mechanical calculator
  • Descartes – Cartesian coordinate system
  • Newton – Theory of universal gravitation
  • Linnaeus – Father of Modern Taxonomy
  • Mendel – Father of Inheritance
  • Maxwell – Discovered Electromagnetism
  • Lemaitre – Introduced the Big Bang Theory
  • Locke – Impericist and most influential of Enlightenment thinkers

Answer: They were all Christians.

People should never be afraid of open discussions about new discoveries in science or any other area. New knowledge itself, especially in the area of science and nature, does not change the authority of God or scripture, it merely helps to refine our interpretation of it. The danger in modern science is to reject God or compartmentalize scripture (or even ignore it altogether). Philosophy and science are correlated fields of study, and the meaning of existence is as relevant as existence itself.

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